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following aftercare instructions will ensure your tattoo heals correctly and problem-free

Adhesive Bandage Instructions

  • Right After Getting the Tattoo: You'll leave with a bandage (usually). Keep it on for at least a day, up to 4 days if it's not bothering you. Take it off early only if it's leaking, loose, or causing irritation.

  • Taking Off the Bandage: Remove it in the shower with warm water by pulling it gently from the bottom, like removing a command strip.

  • Cleaning After Bandage Removal: Wash the tattooed area with antibacterial soap and water.

  • After Cleaning: Apply a little bit of moisturizing ointment. Cocoa butter is what I recommend.

Remember to keep the area clean and moisturized after taking off the bandage!

Healing Your New Tattoo

  • Keeping It Clean and Moisturized: For the first two weeks of healing, wash your tattooed skin at least twice a day with antibacterial soap. If it feels dry or itchy, use cocoa butter or your favorite moisturizer to moisturize.

  • Normal Healing Process: Your tattoo will scab and peel as it heals. This is totally normal! But, super important: don't itch, scratch, or touch it while it's healing.

  • Sun Protection: Wait until your tattoo is completely healed (around 3-4 weeks) before using sunscreen. While it's healing, cover it with clothing to shield it from the sun. Once it's healed, always apply sunscreen when your healed tattoo is exposed to the sun to prevent fading.

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Touch Ups

Occasionally it may be necessary to schedule a "touch up" session. These sessions are free of charge. Any situation where elements of the tattoo are lost, solid black patchy/undersaturated, or shading is no longer visible, will qualify for this second session. Don't hesitate to schedule one, or ask if questions if anything feels/seems abnormal during the healing process.

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